Best foods for breakfast

 A large number of people neglect breakfast, or eat very small amounts of food that are usually unhealthy and do not benefit the body at breakfast because they are busy going to work and performing daily tasks or not wanting to eat at all.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news

Some feel hungry and eat lunch early or eat larger quantities at lunch, and nutrition experts attribute this to not eating the appropriate breakfast. According to a report published by Eat This Not That, if your breakfast choices include only starches or carbohydrates, it is inevitable that you will feel hungry after two hours and maybe less, but this problem can be solved by making one change that is to add protein to breakfast . Protein helps build muscle and helps you feel fuller and fuller for longer.

A high-protein breakfast, or “classic breakfast”, which includes eggs, is undoubtedly the right choice, says nutritionist Lauren Munker, a member of the Medical Experts Council at Eat This Not That, because it gives a “boost” of energy. “Natural” due to “nutritional elements,” according to Al Arabiya Net.

The perfect food
Manker says that eggs are rich in nutrients and can be described as the “perfect food”.

Each egg contains only 70 calories, which means it’s a nutritional bomb packed with cell-strengthening vitamins, minerals and good fats, plus 6 grams of muscle-building and repairing protein, with the benefit of no sugar and zero carbs, a smart choice. For those looking to lose weight.

“Eggs help promote satiety,” Munker adds, with data showing that feelings of fullness after a breakfast [containing] eggs are “much higher than eating a breakfast without eggs.”

Australian study
Manker cites the results of an Australian scientific study in 2020, in which overweight and obese people were given one of two breakfasts, either eggs and toast or cereal with milk and orange juice, over the course of two days separated by a week. The researchers discovered that when participants ate breakfast with eggs, they consumed about 300 fewer calories at lunch than those who ate cereal.

Fewer sweets
The high-protein eaters also reported feeling less hungry four hours after a meal than when they ate a mostly carbohydrate-based breakfast, and significantly reduced cravings for sweets after a high-protein meal.

Balanced elements
Manker says that you can eat a breakfast consisting of an omelet made of two eggs, sauteed vegetables and cheese, explaining that the elements will therefore include protein and choline, which is useful for the brain, along with vegetables, which provide vitamins, minerals and fiber useful for the body, in addition to that adding cheese will give The body has some extra protein besides bone-building calcium.

 Breakfast ingredients also include whole-grain toast, which adds fiber and carbs, a cup of green tea for caffeine and antioxidants, and half a grapefruit to tap into essential vitamins like folic acid and vitamin C, says Manker.

Greek yogurt
Manker explains that if you want to diversify, Greek yogurt can be a source of “protein and calcium, in addition to its known benefits for intestinal health, but it should be taken into account that the elements added to Greek yogurt are not low in nutritional benefits or high in calories.” Then Manker recommends choosing a type of Greek yogurt that is sugar-free or at least contains low levels of sugar.


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