Corona deaths in Kuwait are among the lowest in the world

The website “The National” reported that the death rates for people infected with the Corona virus in Kuwait are among the lowest in the world, due to the high percentage of middle-aged people in Kuwait, as in the Gulf countries in general.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news

The site stated that these results were reached by a study conducted by researchers at the University of Jordan and the St. Mary’s Medical Group in the American state of Indiana on the number of deaths from the Corona virus in the world until May of last year, where they compared the data for the Gulf countries and the data of 33 European countries.

The researchers found that mortality rates were 5-10 times higher in Europe than in the GCC countries.

In their report, they indicated that as of May 12 last year, the death rate in Kuwait was 0.69 percent, compared to 1.06 percent in the UAE, 0.62 in Saudi Arabia, 0.45 in Oman, 0.15 in Bahrain and 0.06 percent in Qatar.

In Europe, the rate in most of its countries was more than 3 percent, with 10 countries where the rate exceeded 10 percent


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