Camping season begins from November 15th to next March 15th

The Environment Public Authority confirmed today, Thursday, its follow-up to the camping sites that were identified by the Kuwait Municipality and distributed throughout the country, with the start of spring camps for the season (2021-2022) from November 15 to March 15.

The geographical planner in the Department of Coastal Monitoring and Desertification at the authority, Tawaa Shamsa, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), that the authority is cooperating with various state authorities and participated in the committee of spring camps for this season headed by the Kuwait Municipality to organize camping activity. Locations for security points and mobile food carts to meet the needs of camp owners.

Shamsah added that the authority undertakes the study of these sites and expresses its opinion in the event of a conflict with facilities or sites designated for certain purposes or bodies, stressing compliance with what was stated in Resolution No. (7) of 2016 in the executive regulations for the protection of the wild and agricultural environment.

Regulation Terms

They explained that the regulation stipulates that camp sites should be at least 500 meters away from natural reserves and areas with a sensitive environment, as well as from high-pressure lines and highways at the same distance, and away from military and oil installations at a distance of no less than two kilometers and other systems and requirements contained in the regulation.

They said that the sites identified by the Kuwait Municipality for camping this season are (Al-Subiya, Kazma, Al-Mutlaa, Al-Jahra, Al-Hajjaj Rest House, Al-Nouri, Umm Safaq, Kabd, Al-Zour and Al-Salmi).

They confirmed that the authority is coordinating with the Kuwait Municipality in this regard, as the Kuwait Municipality is in charge of issuing the necessary licenses for camping, and there will be field visits to camping sites during the season to monitor the environmental situation and violating anyone who does something that violates the law on environmental protection and environmental regulations.

They stated that the negative practices that will be violated are uprooting shrubs and plants, erecting earth mounds, hunting and killing fungi, dumping, backfilling or burning waste, as well as the use of construction and cement materials.

They stated that after the end of the camping season, the authority will inspect the sites and warn or violate the camp owners who do not adhere to the requirements, and the camp owners will be released in the absence of any environmental violation.  



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