Firefighting: All our centers are ready to deal with any accidents or reports in the rainy season

Today, Wednesday, the General Fire Force confirmed the readiness of all its centers to deal with any accidents or reports during the upcoming rainy season, after completing plans for rescue operations for people trapped in torrential rains..Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news

The Public Relations and Media Department of the Fire Department said in a press statement that the role of the major accident command room, which is equipped with the latest technological devices and means, has been activated to follow up the progress of the movement of dealing with reports and directing teams to get out of accidents with the least possible damage while addressing any repercussions associated with the state of instability of the atmosphere.

Theye added that the Chief of the General Fire Brigade, Lieutenant-General Khaled Al-Makrad, and senior leaders and managers witnessed a presentation that included rain equipment, including mechanisms and manpower, in which pumps are used to withdraw water of all kinds..Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news



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