The Manpower begins granting permits to bring in food security workers

Against the background of the approval of the Supreme Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies in the Council of Ministers, to grant new work permits and commercial entry visas for all activities related to food security from producers, manufacturers and suppliers, Al-Jarida Reported that the labor departments of the Public Authority for Manpower started receiving business owners wishing to issue permits From abroad and commercial entry features, after receiving the circular issued regarding these activities from the Council of Ministers, and setting the mechanism by which the issuance of permits will be resumed..Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news

According to the sources of the “manpower”, the business owners who wish to review the labor departments distributed over all regions of the country, and whose company files are registered with them, to complete their transactions, pointing out that these departments will undertake the audit process, and then grant the necessary permits, according to the procedures and decisions regulating recruitment mechanisms. .

The sources said that these departments are entrusted with issuing permits directly, without the need for the approval of the “Corona emergency”, in a step that would facilitate business owners, especially since this service is currently not available through the authority’s automated system “easier”.

In parallel to the six activities approved by the Ministerial Committee, which are farm labor, restaurants, food supplies and bakeries, hunting and selling fish, livestock and poultry breeders, dairy producers, factories and food suppliers and their shopping centers, and water and beverage bottling companies, the sources expected to add new activities soon, especially Those of factories, to fill the severe shortage of workers, which the market is currently suffering from, and caused the prices of these workers to double. Source<


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