Jazeera Airways: All flights return to their normal schedule

Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways announced the return of all flights to their normal schedule, after one of its planes made an emergency landing at the Turkish Trabzon Airport after receiving a false report of a bomb on board.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

Earlier today, Al Jazeera received a call indicating the possibility of a security situation concerning it. The call was taken seriously, as usual, and the credibility of the information was investigated.

As it turned out that this information was incorrect, however, and to confirm the safety of everyone, Jazeera Airways contacted the local authorities in Kuwait and across the countries to which its flights operate, and was provided with information on all flights to conduct an investigation and examination on its aircraft as an additional precaution.

Jazeera Airways’ security team continues to closely monitor the situation, and the company apologizes for any delays that passengers may experience due to security and safety procedures.

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