Kuwait:Raising the operational capacity of the airport

After overcoming the difficult situation in the country and the entry of the Corona epidemic into its last stages locally, awaiting the final salvation from it globally, the indicators for evaluating the epidemiological situation in the country continue its positive path towards improvement, with the health authorities, in cooperation with the other concerned authorities, successfully crossing 5 main challenges.

Informed sources revealed that “the positive evaluation indicators for the last period indicate that the airport’s operating capacity is approaching, which is limited to 10 thousand passengers at the moment,” especially after the success of the restart plan and the return of the large percentage of citizens from the summer vacation and allowing the return of residents, from Without recording any relapse in the indicators of the epidemiological situation.

They explained that the success of operating the airport was one of the most important challenges that the Ministry of Health overcame, while the second challenge represented the openness that the country has experienced for more than 4 months and the spinning of the economy, through the gradual and safe return of various commercial activities.

In addition, the third challenge is dealing with the Husseiniya councils during the month of Muharram, and the fourth is represented by the success of the vaccination campaign, with more than 80% of those who received one dose, and more than 75% of those who received two doses.

As for the fifth challenge, it is the return to the attendance study, which did not start at the beginning of this month with the start of the study, but began since last June with the conduct of paper exams for students of the twelfth grade, according to the vision of the health authorities.

The sources indicated that “the initial evaluation of returning to school is reassuring and optimistic, but the clearest and most accurate evaluation will become clear at the end of this month, with the passage of about 4 weeks since the start of the school year


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