Cabinet holds an extraordinary meeting

The Council of Ministers held an extraordinary meeting this afternoon at the site of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port project headed by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, Prime Minister
His Highness the Prime Minister briefed the Council on the lofty directives of His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Ahmad, the Emir of the country, to hold a national dialogue that brings together the legislative and executive authorities, in order to create an atmosphere for unifying efforts, enhancing cooperation, directing all energies and capabilities to serve the Nation. Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news in Kuwait

The Council of Ministers expressed the highest meanings of appreciation and gratitude for the supreme directives of His Highness the Amir, expressing feelings of satisfaction and optimism for the start of a new phase of positive work between the legislative and executive authorities in light of the values, principles, and spirit of responsibility established by Kuwaiti society within the framework of the provisions of the Constitution and the internal regulations. to the National Assembly, and everything that would lead to success for this good country and its loyal people with good, progress and stability.

The Council of Ministers discussed the course of the relationship between the government and the National Assembly, and ways to remove all obstacles and deficiencies that prevent the realization of the desired cooperation between the two authorities, as well as the work mechanism to embody cooperation with the National Assembly and intensify serious work to consolidate the foundations of democracy and protect the course of parliamentary work, and to work as a team To face all the challenges facing the country at various levels and fields, advance the process of construction and development, accelerate the implementation of development projects, and improve the services of citizens and all that is in the interest of the nation in the present and the future.

In light of the interest and keenness of His Highness the Prime Minister to follow up personally to complete the implementation of major development projects and put them into practice, and on the sidelines of the visit that His Highness and the ministers paid to the site of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port Project, His Highness and the ministers were briefed during the tour on the various facilities and facilities covered by the project, and listened to this With regard to the explanation provided by the Minister of Public Works and the Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Affairs and those responsible for the project about the components of the project and the stages that have been completed

The Council expressed its thanks and appreciation for the efforts made to accomplish this vital project, which would revive and develop Bubiyan Island, and enhance the role of the State of Kuwait as a major station in the regional and international transport system, in addition to the strategic and economic benefits of this project and its importance to the State of Kuwait and its national economy. 

Within the scope of completing the follow-up of the roadmap for the implementation of some projects, the Council discussed the recommendation of the Public Services Committee regarding the investment project in the Sheikh / Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Bridge sites, including the two artificial islands. All procedures related to it as the project was put up for public auction.

The Council of Ministers studied the Failaka Island development project, and the Council decided to assign the Minister supervising the Development Authority of Silk City (Al-Subiya) and Bubiyan Island to develop appropriate visions and an effective mechanism for the management, development and development of the Kuwaiti islands, and the means to make them an attractive tourist attraction for visitors. :Source


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