Amazon unveils a robot for homes with amazing features with low price

Amazon’s new robot, Astro, doesn’t cook or clean the house, but it can check if you’ve left the stove on while you were outside, or send an alert if someone walks into the house and Astro doesn’t recognize them.

The robot uses cameras, sensors and other technology to avoid hitting walls or dogs.

Amazon said Astro will get smarter over time as he does some housework; He can put snacks or a drink on his back to pass on to someone else in the house.

The $1,000 robot, which will be rolled out to customers later this year, is just one of the new inventions Amazon unveiled Tuesday as part of an annual event.

However, Astro stole the spotlight when Amazon CEO David Limp asked the 43cm-high robot to take to the stage during the virtual event.

It is noteworthy that this robot’s round eyes close or widen while it performs tasks, giving it a human touch.

Amazon said it would sell a limited number of Astro, but did not provide a specific number.

In addition to the robot, Amazon has also revealed a picture frame-like display that can be hung on the wall and has Amazon’s Alexa voice service built into it.

The company anticipates its entry into the Kitchen Components, where users can see recipes, check their schedule or watch any show during the cooking process.


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