Minister of Health: Life in Kuwait is normal, and everything is available

Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah confirmed that the ministry is waiting for the approval of the vaccination of the age group from 5 to 12 years with the anti-Coronavirus vaccine until the vaccination of this age group begins in the country.The minister pointed out that “according to our information, an application has been submitted to obtain the accreditation to vaccinate groups younger than 12 years old,” and that accreditation is expected to start soon, stressing that there is a plan for that. Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news in Kuwait

On the other hand, and about the ministry’s preparations to provide the seasonal flu vaccination, the Minister of Health confirmed that the vaccines have begun to arrive, and the target groups in the current period are the groups that receive the refresher dose of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, and who can currently receive the seasonal flu vaccination along with the refresher dose.

He explained that the quantities of these baits are available and cover all target groups.

Minister Al-Sabah affirmed that life in Kuwait is normal, asking: Where is there a place in the country that you cannot go to? Or that life in it is not normal? He stressed that “we are one of the few and lucky countries in which normal life has returned.”

He stressed that life in the country is going in an excellent way, and the vaccination process is still going in an excellent way, and everything is available, but by applying health requirements in general, whether in schools, complexes or places of worship, which is one that does not differ from one place to another.

He added that some activities may have restrictions, but in a lighter way than before, and the concerned ministry is notified of this to adhere to health requirements on the basis that we coexist with this epidemic until we get rid of it.

“We are part of the world, and we will not get rid of the epidemic without the whole world getting rid of it, as infections should be reduced,” he added.


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