Kuwait ranked 68th out of 100 best cities in the world

Kuwait ranked 68th among the top 100 cities in the world, and fifth in the Arab world, according to the annual “Resonance Consultancy ranks” ranking.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news in Kuwait https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

In this classification, international experts assess not only the potential of the economy or the cultural environment, but also the balance of the city’s development, and among the points that are also taken into account during the classification are tourist attractions, comfort in life, work and economic activity.

In the first places, the British capital, London, ranked first as the best city in the world, and in second place came the French capital, Paris, while New York, the American and the Russian capital, Moscow, ranked third and fourth, respectively.

When organizing the classification, it was relied on several indicators in 24 areas, which were grouped into 6 specific categories: place, product, people, economic prosperity, entertainment, and promotion.

The annual “Resonance Consultancy ranks” of Kuwait indicates that it is one of the hottest cities on the planet, and it is fitting that its most prominent features are its water towers.

Describing the Kuwait Towers, he adds, “If you imagine the aesthetic on stilts of construction in the Midwest of the United States, you are wrong. This shimmering group of towers presents the modernity and efficiency for which the city has become famous, especially on social media in recent years.”

He continued, with the huge Silk City project currently under construction, the city will soon have an impressive new series of landmarks to brand.

The classification says, that Kuwait has attracted the fourth largest number of births coming from abroad relative to the number of citizens, and the weather in the city does not reflect its global appeal in the opportunities available to expatriates, and like many of the surrounding areas, Kuwait has suffered greatly from the COVID-19 pandemic and its crisis has exacerbated finances due to the abundance of cheap oil in the world.

In the Arab world, the Emirate of Dubai ranked fifth globally, while the Qatari capital, Doha, ranked 12th, and the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, ranked 14th globally, while the capital of Saudi Arabia ranked Riyadh 55th globally.


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