Kuwait:Prohibition of discrimination and sexual harassment at work

Al Rai reported that The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Manpower, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, issued a decision banning discrimination in employment in the private sector and prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace.

The decision prohibits employers from “discriminating on the basis of sex, age, pregnancy, or social status in all aspects of work,” taking into account the provisions of the labor laws in the oil and private sectors.

In its second article, it stipulated “the prohibition of sexual harassment in the workplace in all its forms and means, including modern technology,” without prejudice to the provisions of Articles (198) and (199) of Penal Code No. 16 of 1960.

The decision indicated that the “Manpower” will take the applicable procedures regarding referring the cases that fall under the provisions of the two mentioned articles to the competent investigation authorities, provided that the files of the employers will be stopped permanently or temporarily in the event that a violation of the decision is proven.

Informed sources stated that “Al-Salman’s decision in this regard is in line with international requirements in the field of business improvement and enhancing Kuwait’s efforts in this field.”



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