Indians and Egyptians are the most leaving the labor market in Kuwait

A government report issued by the labor market system revealed that the Indian community constituted the highest percentage of those leaving the labor market in the first quarter of this year, as the total number of employment decreased to 67,809 workers, including 17,398 domestic workers. Al qabas reported Join our telegram group to know the latest news in Kuwait

The report showed a high rate of departures of Indian nationality, with a total of 21,341 Indians, followed by Egyptians with 11,135 departures, and then Bangladeshis with 6,136 workers, in the private sector only.

As for the family sector (domestic workers and the like), India also topped the highest percentage of the total number of departures, which numbered 17,398 residents, as the number of Indians leaving this sector reached 10169, while the Filipinos came second with 2543 departures.

The total number of workers in the labor market, until the end of last March, reached one million and 536 thousand and 33 non-Kuwaiti workers, compared to 411 thousand and 464 citizens, distributed between the private and government sectors.

As for the domestic labor sector, the total employment until last March amounted to 651,265 domestic workers, a decrease of 17,398 compared to the labor market statistics recorded at the end of last year.

• Number of departures from the private sector by nationality

India 21341

  • Egypt 11135
  • Bangladesh 6136
  • Pakistan 1250
  • Philippines 1953
  • Syria 253
  • Nepal 4185
  • Jordan 236
  • Iran 210
  • The rest of the nationalities 4268

• Number of domestic workers leaving the country

  • India 10169
  • Philippines 2543
  • Bangladesh 773
  • Ethiopia 177
  • Nepal 664
  • Indonesia 22
  • Boys 253
  • Ivory Coast 249
  • Pakistan 17
  • The rest of the nationalities 431
  •   Source: :إقرأ المزيد


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