How to use the cinematic mode in the iPhone camera professionally?

Apple has added to the iPhone 13 the “Cinema Mode” technology that allows you to record a video, focus on a specific thing, and blur the rest of the things.

According to the newspaper, “Al-Hurra”, quoting the BGR website, this feature can “predict when something new and prominent is about to enter the scene, and can bring it into focus.”

Quick control of focusing on objects while shooting is a “classic in filmmaking”, and is now just part of the iPhone 13’s feature set. Even better, users can adjust the ” Depth of Field” in editing software like i iMovie and Adobe Premiere.

It is clear that “Apple” is relying on the cinematic mode as an important feature to sell the iPhone 13, and the company boasts that it offers “the only smartphone that allows users to adjust the depth of focus after shooting.”

“Apple” says that it turned its attention to the main filmmakers, during the process of creating the cinematic mode, indicating that the engineers took a look at the techniques of filmmaking, before the idea was born for them .

Shooting with focus on specific shots usually requires a talented team of experts, including the cinematographer, and Apple notes that the entire process “requires a tremendous amount of engineering.”

The Neural Engine is a major component of the cinematic pose creation process.

Apple says it “trained the software to make real-time decisions about what should be in focus” during filming .

The program also applies smooth transitions when switching between the subjects it focuses on while shooting, and if the user is not satisfied with the result, they can adjust the focus manually .

Apple explains that the software that runs cinematic mode is “computationally intensive”.

The cinematography feature raises controversy over its usefulness, effectiveness and ways to use it, one team describes it as a “gimmick”, while others find it compelling and useful .

Cinematic Mode is a fun feature capable of making videos distinctly more professional.


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