Kuwait farm fun and production

Kuwait’s farms have become for spending the most beautiful times, as many Kuwaiti families consider it their second home, and they prefer to live in it away from crowds and seeking calm, especially after the spread of the new Corona virus pandemic… This is what a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwaiti Federation stated. The former farmer, Ali Muhammad Ratam Al-Ajmi, told Al-Rai, stressing that the farm is the best place for him and his children and grandchildren.

Al-Ratam says, “We have a large-scale farm in Abdali, in the far north of Kuwait, near the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border, and we do not stop visiting this farm weekly, and even staying there for several days sometimes. Most of our time is in the midst of the fresh greenery and the spoiled sheep.”

He added: “I expect more prosperity and development for Abdali farms, which citizens have become increasingly interested in, especially after the Corona virus invaded the country about two years ago.

He continues, “We have prepared for ourselves and our families the appropriate places to spend the most beautiful times on our farm, and here are our children and grandchildren spending most of their free time among us, and in front of our eyes, after we have provided them with all possible ways and means, to enjoy and even benefit from their time in it, this is better than letting them wander. On the streets and even in the compounds, just as their living on the farm and between workers and the halal, endows them with our land and makes them appreciate useful manual labor and even do it with their own hands, each according to his hobbies of riding horses, raising sheep, planting palms, and raising birds, and this makes us happy as parents, me and my brothers.”

Ali Al-Ratam says, “The modern concept of the farm has now changed. The farm has now become both for comfort and for production, so you find us providing means of comfort and beauty, the most prominent of which is an artificial lake, in front of it are wonderful buildings, and behind it are trees, shrubs and wonderful plants.”

the Abdali agricultural area from good to better, and after several weeks, the fruit and vegetable production in Abdali farms increases, so the exhibitions and stands in front of many of its farms are filled with local agricultural products, to be bought by Abdali pioneers and its increasing visitors in winter and spring He praised the achievements of the Kuwaiti farmer in the remote border agricultural areas, especially in Abdali and Al-Wafra. Over the course of nearly fifty years, this farmer transformed his border desert into lush oases of great beauty and splendor.

30 items… our land is generous with it


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