Work permits to be issued for those with qualifications linking their jobs

Kuwait has made great strides in linking occupational descriptions to educational levels. Until the end of last August, it was able to link 1,855 professional titles to educational levels.

Al-Qabas Reported that it is now forbidden when renewing a work permit or issuing a designation of any worker for the first time, whether for national or expatriate workers, without proof of his educational level and comparing it with the required profession, and the conditions that must be met for naming him in this profession.

It was remarkable in the list of new names, of which source obtained a copy, that the names of technician, trainer, supervisor, chef, painter, referee, for those who hold at least a diploma, were specified, while the names of the operator “whether machinery or equipment” were distributed to those who were from Holders of intermediate degrees or less than primary education.

As for the titles: director, engineer, doctor, nurse, meteorologist, general physicist, general chemist, geologist, teacher, teacher, mathematician, statistician in various specializations or specialized jobs in the field of media and others, the educational level was determined at a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. .

And it was allowed to grant the title of manager in a restaurant, food and beverage service, retail store and hotel reception, to those who are less than primary, and link the position of writer, seller, collector, newspaper distributor, worker, farmer, security guard, poultry breeder, to holders of intermediate degrees.

It is noteworthy that linking professions to educational levels came after the adoption of the “Manpower” guideline for job classification and job descriptions, and this was generalized to all GCC countries to standardize the nomenclature among workers in the GCC countries. :Source


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