Indian Ambassador: We are working to increase the number of our workers

The Indian ambassador to the country, Sibi George, revealed that he is working to increase the number of manpower from his community in the country, especially domestic workers, doctors and nurses, stressing that this will increase the strength and durability of relations between the two countries, while expressing his happiness at seeing his largest community in Kuwait.

George told that Kuwaitis usually prefer to work with Indians, which is something we are working on to bring more of them to the country, while being careful to reduce the financial cost of recruiting workers, especially domestic workers.

He stressed that he respects and welcomes all decisions of the Kuwaiti government, especially with regard to modifying the demographic structure and leaving workers over the age of 60, pointing to his keenness to meet those who spent 40 or 50 years of his community in Kuwait before their departure to benefit from their long experiences in the country.

On reducing the costs of bringing domestic workers to Kuwait, the Indian ambassador reiterated his support for this aspect in a desire to bring in more of them, adding that he wanted that cost to drop to less than 300 dinars as a maximum.

The Indian ambassador stressed that this figure incurred by the Kuwaiti citizen to bring in Indian workers is exaggerated, and with the reduction of the value, the benefit will return to both parties, and therefore there are joint Kuwaiti-Indian efforts to reduce these costs, pointing to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Kuwait and India last June to actually reduce the costs. This exaggerated cost is in the public interest of all, and the results will appear soon.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Kuwait, he stressed that the two countries have strong historical relations, and that his country looks forward to strengthening them in the coming years at all levels. : Source


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