The Ministry of Public Works is preparing for the rainy season

The Ministry of Public Works has issued several tenders for photographing and maintaining the rain network in the country’s governorates in preparation for the upcoming rainy season, as the ministry conducts periodic maintenance before the season to ensure that rain does not accumulate in the streets.

Public Works sources told that these tenders include the six governorates, in addition to offering some tenders for the maintenance of internal roads in some areas, which include infrastructure works in them, such as the Surra area, and maintenance of service sites, roads and squares of state institutions in the governorates of Ahmadi and Mubarak. Al Kabeer, and general maintenance of roads and squares in Hawalli Governorate (Maidan Hawalli).

They indicated that the rain network maintenance services include cleaning the network of open rainwater drainage, rainwater drainage pipes, drainage rooms, and the entrances and exits of ferries from sand and waste, pointing out that cleaning operations are carried out periodically before the rainy season and during the season, in order to ensure the safety and work of that network during the season.

In a related context, the “Roads” sources indicated that the authority is in the process of carrying out the necessary maintenance of the rain network on the highways in preparation for the season, as it removes dust and obstructions on the network and ensures the safety of the electricity rooms and pumps operating in the various tunnels because water does not collect in them.


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