KNPC announces the success of the full operation of the environmental fuel project

The National Petroleum Company (KNPC) announced today, Tuesday, the success of the full operation of the environmental fuel project, which is one of the most important and largest development projects in the history of the Kuwaiti oil sector and one of the vital and major development projects at the state level.

In a statement to KUNA, the CEO of the company, Walid Al-Badr, expressed his happiness with the full operation of the project, describing it as a prominent historical event that calls for pride not only for the company, but for the Kuwaiti oil sector in general due to its role in strengthening the status of the State of Kuwait and placing it in the ranks of developed countries in the global oil refining industry. .

Al-Badr stressed the importance of the project from an economic and environmental point of view, stressing its contribution to increasing the profitability of Kuwaiti oil products, opening new global markets for these products and providing more job opportunities for national cadres.

And he indicated that the project works to reduce emissions and environmental pollutants by producing high-quality oil derivatives that comply with international environmental requirements and standards “Euro 4” and “Euro 5”, which set strict limits for impurities and pollutants in various types of fuels used in transportation, industry and others.

Al-Badr congratulated those in charge of the project, thanking the former and current officials who accompanied it since its inception, including the consortium of companies executing the project. He specifically mentioned the workers in the Projects Department and workers in the Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi refineries, stressing that their sincere efforts were the cornerstone on which the company relied to achieve this achievement.

For his part, Acting Executive Vice President for Projects, Ghanem Al-Otaibi, said in a similar statement to KUNA that within the framework of the environmental fuel project, the Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi refineries were modernized, developed and expanded, so that the refining capacity of the first would be 454 thousand barrels per day, and the second 346 thousand barrels per day of quality materials and derivatives. High and environmentally friendly.


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