The temperature will drop below 40 degrees by the end of this month

Meteorologist Muhammad Karam expected that Kuwait’s weather will witness, at the end of this month, a decrease in the maximum temperature, which is expected to drop below 40 degrees Celsius.

Karam told Al-Rai that “the current period in which Kuwait is living is called the zero season, in which allergies and asthma are abundant,” noting that the end of this season usually takes place in the middle of next October, with the beginning of the marking season or the beginning of the rainy season in Kuwait and the Arabian Peninsula.

He explained that so far, there are no indications of the beginning of rain in Kuwait, and it is expected that the beginning of next month will witness the emergence of formations of clouds, perhaps it will be a good sign of the start of the rainy season, whose rates are usually between 130 and 150 mm from the beginning of the marking season until the end of the Sarayat season at the end of May every year.

He stated that “the upper layers of the atmosphere are beginning to tend to cool, and this gives us an indication of the start of cloud formations,” noting that the temperature in Kuwait currently ranges between 42 and 43, and is expected to break at the end of this month to below 40 degrees Celsius.



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