Domestic labor offices circumvent the price fixing decision

After the return of the domestic worker recruitment wheel after a long hiatus as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus, the prices of the domestic labor recruitment market rose again to a new record level, as some recruitment offices raised the cost of recruiting domestic workers through the office to 1250 dinars, in addition to the costs of the domestic labor recruitment platform. amounting to 500 dinars, bringing the total to 1750 dinars.

Sources indicated to Al-Jarida that some offices did not comply with the recruitment prices set by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, which amounted to 890 dinars, through the office. The entry of domestic workers during a period that exceeded a year and a half of the Corona pandemic, while additional fees are added for the recruitment of domestic workers through the sponsor.

The sources indicated that these offices circumvent the decisions of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, where an invoice is recorded for the amount of 890 dinars, and the remaining amount is received in cash from the sponsor, so as not to become a violation or proof of their violation, noting that the sponsor bears 1250 dinars for the value of recruitment and 500 dinars if She was unvaccinated as a result of her registration on the Salama platform for domestic workers.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a decision to reduce the cost of recruiting domestic workers, to be through the office at a maximum value of 890 dinars instead of 990, and recruitment through the employer by presenting the passport to the office as a maximum of 390 dinars, indicating that the new installed prices include the cost of recruitment only. Change the fees allocated on the “Salama” platform.

The Ministry of Commerce pointed out that it will apply penalties to anyone who violates this decision stipulated in Law No. 10 of 1979 regarding the supervision of the implementation of goods, services and handicrafts, and determining their prices, as amended by Law No. 117 of 2013, provided that the prices mentioned in this decision shall be effective from the date of It shall be enforced, and any decisions inconsistent with what is stated in it shall be rescinded.

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