The Indian ambassador will meet with his community over the age of 60 to bid them farewell

the Indian Ambassador to the country, Tzipi George, is scheduled to meet the elderly Indians over the age of 60 before their final departure from Kuwait.

The Indian embassy said in a statement that “there are many senior Indian nationals who will leave Kuwait and return to their country, after completing their careers and after spending a long time in Kuwait.”

She added, “All seniors over the age of 60, along with their spouses who will be leaving Kuwait permanently, are invited to meet the Ambassador individually to share their experiences during their stay in Kuwait, and they can also share with the Ambassador their valuable ideas to further improve the well-being of the Indian community in Kuwait and also to further strengthen relations The bilateral relationship between India and Kuwait.

The embassy indicated that “all seniors, regardless of the nature of their work, are invited to join.” :source


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