The British School of Kuwait is the highest rated school in the world for the quality of education

The British School of Kuwait (BSK) obtained the highest international ratings in terms of the quality of education in general, and the quality of distance education in particular, in addition to achieving the highest levels of parental satisfaction with the improvement of the educational status of their children.

The school took the lead globally in a number of major categories, in an opinion poll conducted by the company specialized in education “Nord Anglia”, which reviewed the most important international schools in the Americas, Europe and the Near East, in which more than 20,000 parents of students whose children attend private schools participated. .

BSK received the highest rating in terms of the overall quality of education, with 94 percent of parents expressing their satisfaction, and it ranked first in the quality of online education, with about 90 percent of parents expressing their satisfaction with the virtual school experience for their children. during school closures.

BSK was also ranked first in the world in parental satisfaction with the development of students, with more than 90 percent of parents reporting that their children show good levels of improvement and development.

These high rates and the internationally prestigious level make the British School in Kuwait the ideal choice and the best educational destination for students to enroll in the different educational stages, a level that it seeks through its trained team to maintain and achieve through a well-studied strategy and keeping pace with all The developments of the times, the facts of reality, and facing all challenges with determination and will.

The founder and director of the British School in Kuwait, Vera Al-Mutawa, confirmed that the classification reflects its keenness, throughout its long history, to provide the highest international quality standards in the level of educational services for its students, through the application of the British curriculum that takes into account the construction of the human being, refining his talents, and enhancing his own talents. In order to achieve educational outcomes that are in line with the international level.

They said that “BSK”, in light of what the world is witnessing from the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic for nearly two years, was one of the first schools in achieving the philosophy of distance education, and in a way that enables the creation of a virtual educational environment that was able to achieve the difficult equation in providing a high level of education, and maintains the Health requirements that guarantee students’ safety and academic excellence at the same time.


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