A record jump for the world’s rich 2020 despite the pandemic

The number of wealthy people in the world achieved a historic leap during 2020, penetrating the pandemic, as many sectors related to the systems and tools of prevention and health systems, as well as software, e-shopping activities, communications, online conferences and other activities, that benefited from the closures of the markets, and the suspension of travel around the world.

And the annual report of “wealthx” to the world’s rich revealed, the number of billionaires jumped 13.4 percent over the past year, registering the highest level ever, with the United States dominating the list.

The total number of wealthy people in the world rose in 2020 to 3,204 billionaires, an increase of 670 people, which is the largest annual increase since 2017, despite the repercussions of “Corona” on the global economy, and the total wealth rose by about 5.7% to 10 trillion in 2020.

The United States dominated the list, as billionaires there accounted for 29% of the total list, and 37% of the cumulative wealth of billionaires during 2020, China ranked second in terms of the number of billionaires on the list with a share of 13%, and Germany acquired 5% of the classification.

The number of North American billionaires rose by 17.5% to 980 people, or 31% of the global share.

The number of individuals whose average wealth ranges between 10 billion and 50 billion dollars recorded the largest increase in terms of the number of people and the total net wealth.

Self-made billionaires in Russia controlled a share of 96.4% of the total wealthy there, while their percentage reached 92.9% in China, and the level of 66.6% in Russia.


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