Kuwait to be regional data center for Google

The long negotiations between Google and Kuwait finally culminated in an agreement that will be announced soon to make Kuwait a regional center for data and cloud services, Al-Rai daily reported.

Informed sources revealed to the daily that negotiations continued for years between the global company and the concerned authorities in Kuwait, before reaching an agreement, which stipulates the establishment of Google data center in Kuwait as a regional center in the Middle East, and provides its services to users all over the world.

The sources stated that the agreement includes broad cooperation in the field of communications, information, and cloud storage of data between the two parties, noting that “it is in line with the digital transformation plan.

Google had announced its intention to expand the opening of its regional data centers around the world and to meet the requirements of its customers.

The sources pointed out that this trend comes in light of the importance that the future of cloud services in the Middle East is gaining in particular, stressing that the agreement will contribute to the development of the information sector in the country and the countries of the region, in addition to the economic and human investment that Kuwait will benefit from.


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