Pharmacist arrested for selling banned psychotropic substances

The Criminal Security Sector of the Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Department for Drug Control, was able to arrest a pharmacist of Arab nationalities who traded psychotropic substances that are prohibited from being traded without an approved prescription.

The administration explained in a statement that confidential information received by the detectives of the General Administration for Drug Control stated that there was a person working as a pharmacist who traded psychotropic substances by selling banned and psychotropic pills without approved official and medical prescriptions. He was caught red-handed at his workplace in the pharmacy after selling to a secret source 100 boxes of psychotropic substances at an amount of 4,000 dinars without a prescription. He was also found in possession of about 300,000 pills of various types of psychotropic substances.

The administration added that by confronting the accused with what was attributed to him, he admitted its validity and confessed, and accordingly, he and the seized items were referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures against him.

The General Administration of Narcotics Control confirms the continuation of its security campaigns against dealers and promoters of narcotic substances, as well as pharmacies that sell psychotropic substances without prescriptions, and the arrest of anyone who tempts himself to bring and trade in narcotics or psychotropic substances, and protect and preserve society from this dangerous scourge.



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