Minister Al-Fares: Launching the trial version of the first phase of the easy application

Today, the unified government application for electronic services “Sahel” was officially launched in the iOS application store “Apple” for “iPhone” and the Google application store for “Android” phones, through the official account of the application on the social networking site “Twitter”.

The “Sahel” application was launched by publishing the download links in the official account of the application on “Twitter” early this morning. Users were also asked, in a tweet, to provide their suggestions and comments on the application, and write their opinions about the application experience, by direct communication with the account.

Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Rana Al-Faris, announced today, Sunday, the launch of a trial version of the first phase of the unified government application for electronic services “easy” via digital stores for smart phones.

In a press statement, Minister Al-Fares said that the launch of the trial version available through the iPhone and Android systems aims to follow up its performance, evaluate its user experience, and use it to implement a set of e-government services, in addition to monitoring observations for development until the official version is launched. The first phase of the “easy” application.

She added that the electronic application is the result of the cooperation of 13 government agencies, “and the cooperation of government agencies in linking more electronic services that they provide through the “Sahel” application will improve the performance of the application better and serve citizens more.”

The application, in its beta version, includes e-government services provided by 13 entities participating in this stage by adding more services and entities later.

His Highness Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Prime Minister, had previously confirmed that the launch of the unified government application “Sahel” would enhance the efficiency and speed of completing transactions, and would be the first of the government’s digital transformation.

The Cabinet had announced that the “Sahel” application would be launched this week, through which government agencies would provide a number of electronic services away from the usual paper transactions.

Application download links:

iPhone link :

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