Kuwait : Robots to serve passengers at T4 terminal soon

The Korean company Ansun, the operator of the T4 terminal at Kuwait Airport, revealed the start of using “robot” technology to help provide travel and aviation services to travelers, such as information services, baggage services, and others soon.

The new CEO of the Korean Inchun Airport Management Company, Jang Joon-an, announced the start of flights to New York, starting from yesterday, with one flight per week.

John Ann revealed that new services in the T4 terminal building that will be launched to serve passengers, using the latest technology tools to enhance the safety of travelers in preparation for the next phase of easing the restrictions of precautionary measures, by providing specialized robots to the departures area in the coming months to help provide travel and aviation services. For travelers, such as information services, baggage services and others.

He expressed his happiness to restart some commercial flights in Terminal T4 at Kuwait International Airport, after a hiatus of about a year and a half, to Paris, Malaga, Sarajevo, Geneva, Munich and new stations, including Frankfurt and Cairo, as well as Amsterdam and New York during the months of July, August and September, explaining that it is one of the most important Destinations that promise to gradually return to full operation.

Regarding the new flight schedule, John Ann pointed out that there are two flights per week on Wednesday and Saturday to Amsterdam, two flights per day to Cairo, two flights per week on Sunday and Wednesday to Frankfurt, and three flights per week to Paris on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, in addition to two flights per week to Malaga on Sunday and Thursday, and two flights a week to Sarajevo on Saturday and Wednesday, as well as the launch of one of the important destinations, which is London, which has been restarted with three flights a week on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

He added: Also, three weekly flights will be operated to the city of Bodrum in Turkey on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and three flights per week on Sundays, Mondays and Fridays to Trabzon in Turkey, in addition to the normal operation to Istanbul, adding: Two flights per week will be operated to Tbilisi on Mondays. And Friday, indicating that since the restart, take-off flights have become 14 flights, and arrival flights have become 14 flights to various destinations daily.

Number of flights operated

John Ann said that the total number of flights operating in Terminal 4 during the year 2020 amounted to 10,233, including 5,104 departing flights and 5129 incoming flights to Kuwait, with a total number of departing passengers 621,603 passengers and 593,303 coming from abroad, noting at the same time that the number of flights and travelers decreased due to Corona virus pandemic.

And he indicated that the total number of flights operated during 2021 from the beginning of the year until September 10 reached 5,389 flights, including 2,699 departures and 2,690 coming to Kuwait, with a total number of 231591 departing passengers and 190,181 coming from abroad.

He stated that everyone has gone through a difficult stage in which the focus must be focused in the first place on making flights healthily safe to avoid the epidemic, and this requires cooperation from travelers to be safe through their commitment to all instructions related to this, stressing the importance of maintaining the application of social separation and sterilization, pointing out that health security for travelers It is at the top of the priorities and concerns during the current stage.

He explained that operating flights completely depends on the global health epidemiological situation, so that the health situation in the country is preserved, saying: We are ready for the full operation of the airport according to the approval of the health authorities in the country and the reopening of destinations in other countries after they were stopped due to the Corona virus pandemic.

3 ISO certificates

He stressed that the company obtained 3 ISO certificates (9001:2015) in the quality management system, the ISO certificate (14001: 2015) in the environmental management system, and the ISO certificate (10002: 2018) in the customer satisfaction system in quality management to deal with complaints in institutions came after the application of All sectors of the technical and administrative strength of the standards and requirements of the quality management system and excellence in the provision of services, pointing out that the ISO certificate in quality system management contributes to the advancement of the provision of its services in line with international systems and standards to achieve more than the satisfaction of the public of society, and work on the development and continuous improvement of all processes and procedures used in the field of airport management services.

10,233 flights in 2020 and 5,389 in 2021 in the “T4” building

The health security of travelers is a top priority and concern during the current stage

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