Kuwait:Indications of the return to normal life continue to rise

For the sixth week in a row, the epidemiological situation in the State of Kuwait continues to improve in the field and clinically with regard to the emerging corona virus, as recent days have witnessed a noticeable decline in the number of infections and occupancy rates of intensive care and wards for “Covid 19” patients in hospitals.

The past few days and weeks have witnessed a noticeable decrease in the rate of admission of “Covid 19” patients in wards and intensive care hospitals by more than 90%.

One of the results of the remarkable and significant improvement in the epidemiological situation was the recent closure of more than 20 wards dedicated to “Covid 19” patients in various hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

And the numbers of “Covid 19” injuries in the country continue to drop to a record low, as the total number of new infections during the past week reached 464, during the period from Sunday 5th of this month to Saturday 11th of it. The number of deaths due to complications from “Covid 19” also decreased significantly, as Kuwait recorded 7 new deaths during the past week, with one death per day, during the period from Sunday before last until yesterday evening, Saturday.

The last period witnessed a noticeable and tangible decrease in the number of intensive care patients, reaching 37 cases on Saturday evening, the lowest outcome in nearly a year, and “Covid 19” patients in the wards amounted to 84 cases, a record decline in months.

The cure rate from the disease reached 99.09 percent, which is the best for a long time, making Kuwait ranked second in the Gulf in terms of cure rates from the disease after the Kingdom of Bahrain, which ranked first with a rate of 99.1 percent.

This significant and noticeable improvement in the epidemiological situation in the country is due to the expansion of the vaccination rate of all age groups, which exceeded 70 percent for adults and 80 percent for children from 12 to 15 years old.

The specialists called for the importance of raising the degree of adherence to the requirements, caution and caution during the next stage, especially as we are approaching the beginning of the school year, the season of openness, the return of travel, the season of changing seasons, allergies and respiratory diseases.

In the context of the positive developments resulting from the decline in “Covid 19” infections, the consultant of chest diseases and intensive care at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutairi, reported a decrease in the rate of admission of “Corona” patients in the wards and intensive care in the hospital by more than 90 percent, in parallel to the continuation of the noticeable epidemiological decline in the country.

Al-Mutairi said, in a statement, that the last few period witnessed the closure of 5 intensive care wards in Jaber Hospital that were dedicated to treating “Covid 19” patients, explaining that at the present time there are only two intensive care wards in the hospital designated for “Corona” patients.

He pointed out that the “delta” wave is on the way to receding, and this was indicated by the official statistics issued by the Ministry of Health, which indicate that the lowest number of HIV infections was recorded. He explained that even the “Covid 19” wards that are currently in Jaber Hospital are not full of patients, noting that the rates of patient admission are currently very few and do not compare to the months of last June and July.

Al-Mutairi stated that vaccination contributed significantly to reducing the epidemiological rate and the decline of the epidemic in Kuwait, stressing that human behavior determines the behavior of the virus.



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