Allowing teachers residing in Saudi Arabia to enter the country via Nuwaiseeb from today

The General Administration of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior announced that, given the current conditions that the country is going through in the face of the spread of the Corona virus and the application of health requirements, and in the interest of the safety and health of citizens and residents, and according to the efforts made by the security institution, teachers who work in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education are allowed to reside. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enter the country from the Nuwaiseeb port as of today, according to the following controls:

1 – Entry is permitted during official working days from Sunday to Thursday in the morning period from 5:30 am to 7:30 am.

2 – Teachers must submit proof that they work at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education and are still on the job.

3- Entry is restricted to male and female teachers working in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education only, with the exception of the driver of the vehicle accompanying them (private driver – a relative).

4- Provide proof that they have received two doses of the vaccine approved by Kuwait by presenting printed paper documents, or applications (immunity – my identity – our trust).



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