The Ministry of Education intends to reduce the curriculum

As the start of the new school year 2022/2021 approaches, which kicks off after 8 days of teachers working in kindergarten, primary and intermediate stages, the Ministry of Education is moving to adopt a plan to reduce the curricula for the first semester, in line with its plan for a safe return to study, in which working days have been reduced. Actual students halved.

In this context, Local Arabic Newspaper Al-Jarida reported from its sources that the competent authorities in the ministry will resolve the issue of the percentage of curriculum reduction and reduction in various school subjects in the middle of this week, explaining that the adoption of the plan to reduce the curriculum and the percentage that will be reduced will be discussed during meetings to be held with the Undersecretary of Public Education, in preparation for its public announcement. Official soon.

The sources said that the technical guidance for school subjects worked during the last period to study the issue of reducing and reducing the curricula in proportion to the plan for the return of the studies that was approved so that students will work 10 days a month, after it was 20 days per month in traditional education in the years before the Corona pandemic, that is, The percentage of reduction in the number of working days was

By 50 percent, which requires reducing curricula and lessons in proportion to the number of students’ actual working days, so that teachers can fully explain the scheduled lessons.

they pointed out that the return of traditional education and the presence of written exams for students while reducing the actual working days for students prompted those concerned with the ministry to discuss the idea of ​​reducing curricula, pointing out that it is expected that the curricula should not be reduced by 30% as a minimum, as the focus will be on the basic lessons that the student must realize. , noting that most of the technical guidance sees the need to reduce the number of scheduled lessons.

Distribution of “supervisory”

In addition, the newspaper learned from its sources that the six educational districts began distributing successful supervisors in supervisory positions, including heads of departments and assistant directors, to schools with vacancies, after the decisions to promote them reached the regions, explaining that they will start their work under their new names on the first working day. of the new school year.

In another field, Arab and foreign private schools began distributing school clothes to their registered students, sending messages to parents that they should review schools to receive clothes and pay fees in preparation for the start of classes on October 3.



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