Corona cases to Jaber Hospital decreased by more than 90 percent

As the epidemiological trend continues to decline in the country, the admissions of Covid-19 patients to the wards and care at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital have decreased by more than 90 percent.

In addition, the hospital, in view of the improvement in the epidemiological situation indicators in the country, continued to close the intensive care units and wards designated for Covid-19 patients; Two intensive care units were closed, bringing the number of closed units to 5, while only two remain.

With what local statistics indicate that the delta wave is on the way to recede, with the lowest number of cases continuing to be recorded, the hospital continued to close the wards designated for Covid patients in the hospital, bringing the number of wards that were closed to 13 out of 18 wards.

For his part, Consultant Chest Diseases and Intensive Care at Jaber Hospital, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutairi, announced the closure of 5 care units due to the low admissions cases, while there are still two care units and the occupancy rate is not complete.

Dr. Al-Mutairi explained that the number of patients admitted to intensive care has become very few and is not compared to what was the case during the months of June and July, as the number of admissions to intensive care decreased by more than 90 percent.

Dr. Al-Mutairi considered that the factors that contributed to the epidemiological decline are the intensive vaccination movement that we are beginning to reap its fruits, along with human behavior and adherence to the guidelines, believing that human behavior determines the behavior of the virus.

The number of admissions of children to the wards and intensive care units at Jaber Hospital continued to decline by 90 percent.

For his part, the pediatric consultant at the hospital, Dr. Khaled Kalandar, said that the cases of children being admitted to the hospital are few, and most of the cases of admission for children to the wards and care are from the category of children who suffer from risk factors such as those who have obesity, diabetes or respiratory problems.

For her part, children’s consultant at the hospital, Dr. Dana Al-Haqan, said that the number of admissions of children to the hospital has decreased by 90 percent, and that it happens sometimes that we do not have any patients. :Source


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