Traffic Department recorded 850 traffic violations in 5 hours

The campaign, launched by the General Traffic Department, under direct instructions from the Ministry of Interior’s Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations Affairs, Major General Jamal Al Sayegh, in 3 residential areas, Shuwaikh, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Fahaheel, resulted in the registration of 850 violations, including 560 direct and 300 indirect violations in the 5 hours of the campaign. The Traffic Technical Inspection Department launched an expanded campaign of 4 security teams, covering the three regions. The most prominent violations focused on security and durability conditions, expiry of vehicle insurance, annoying sounds, smoke emission, and loading passengers, in addition to various other violations.

the traffic campaign led by the Acting Director of the Inspection Department, Colonel Mishaal Al-Suwaiji, and the participation of a number of officers, individuals and technical examiners, where a tight plan was developed by placing security points and checking the violating vehicles.

Colonel Al-Suwaiji revealed to Al-Rai that the traffic campaign targeted vehicles that lacked security and durability requirements, disturbing sounds, smoke and shading vehicles in violation of the conditions.

He continued, “These campaigns aim to monitor all violations resulting from the seizure of violating vehicles and bikers (delivery) violating security and durability conditions who do not hold a driver’s license, or who do not wear a helmet, and a violation of not placing night stickers.”

He added, “We noticed a large percentage of (delivery) bike riders who do not have driving licenses,” noting that the campaign lasted about 5 hours, resulting in 560 direct and 300 indirect violations being issued through 3 teams distributed in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Shuwaikh and Fahaheel. As for the fourth division, it was mobile, indicating that the traffic campaigns were launched non-stop and will continue on a daily basis in all governorates of the country, to eliminate dilapidated vehicles and their violation of security and durability conditions.


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