Completely reopening the airport within two weeks

Government sources revealed to Al-Qabas that the Supreme Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies will hold a meeting in the coming days, in order to coordinate with the health authorities to open the airport with full capacity within two weeks. follow us on Telegram to know the latest news and updates

The sources said that this meeting comes to discuss the possibility of returning the airport to its normal state after taking the opinion of the health authorities, which will determine the possibility of allowing this decision to be taken or to wait according to the local and global epidemiological situation, expecting the country to achieve comprehensive community immunity after two weeks.

Regarding the complaint of some about the decision to allow entry to the children of residents in the country under the age of 18, who are subject to vaccination, with an institutional quarantine for a week upon their arrival, the sources confirmed that parents can accompany the son in the institutional quarantine, in order to ensure the safety of the children of this category, and some of them are young to stay Alone for a long time.

The decline in the numbers of “Corona” in the country has revived hopes that the epidemic will gradually recede and the return to normal life, as the recovery rate from the Corona virus in the country rose, the day before yesterday, to 99.02%, so that Kuwait ranked second in the Gulf in terms of recovery rates from the epidemic.

In terms of daily injuries, the first 8 days of this month witnessed 702 injuries and 8 deaths, compared to 5518 injuries and 49 deaths during the same period last August :Source


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