Airlines looking to operate new destinations in Egypt and India

Al-Anbaa reported that that the operating rate of Kuwait International Airport did not exceed 50% compared to before the spread of the Corona pandemic, after operating flights from Egypt, India, Pakistan and Ceylon during the past week and increasing the capacity of flights coming to the country for about 10,000 arrivals per day. Noting that the airline companies operating at the airport have now reached about 40 airlines.

She stated that the General Administration of Civil Aviation is awaiting an increase in the operational capacity at the airport during the coming period, in order to approve the increase in the operation of flights, especially destinations with high demand, such as the destinations of Alexandria, Sohag, India and Pakistan, and the increase in the number of daily flights to Dubai, Turkey and others, and the operation of the destination Italy.

She said that reaching the second phase of operating Kuwait Airport, which does not exceed 60%, targets a number of passengers per day, not more than 20,000 passengers per day, with a maximum of 200 flights per day. As for the third phase, it will aim to reach 100% operation with a maximum number of 300 flights. daily and 30,000 passengers per day, and stressed that raising the airport’s operational capacity is linked to the local and global health situation


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