New demographics for expats

Local Arabic News Paper Al Rai reported that The government talk about the demographics file returned to the fore again, but this time the path seemed more specific after the formation of a committee entitled “Examining mechanisms to address the imbalance in the demographics”, while it is expected to present its views in this regard within 3 months.

Informed sources told that the six visions that were identified are:

1 – Setting a plan for comprehensive development and timetables that determine the needs of labor.

2 – Policies and plans related to replacing expatriate workers with national workers.

3 – Education outcomes and how to align them with the labor market.

4 – The extent to which the means of prevention and treatment of diseases and epidemics are absorbed in the health system for workers coming from abroad.

5 – Updating the excluded categories within the needs of the development plan and labor market policies.

6 – Determining the policy of prohibiting the movement of expatriate workers between different sectors.

The sources pointed out that the Cabinet recently commissioned the Civil Service Bureau to discuss the possibility of increasing the Kuwaitiization rate in government agencies, and to discuss the possibility of determining the requirements of the government labor market and the extent of the agencies’ needs for jobs.

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