Kuwait and India sign a cooperation agreement to recruit domestic workers

Yesterday, Kuwait and India held the seventh meeting of the joint working group on labor and workforce development among workers.

The meeting was attended by the Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Ibrahim Al-Mudhaf. The Kuwaiti delegation included representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the Public Authority for Manpower and Domestic Workers, and the Employment Department from the Government of Kuwait.

On the Indian side, the delegation included Shri Abagani Ramu, Secretary of Indian External Affairs, who participated via video call from New Delhi, in addition to officials from the Indian Embassy in the country.

The two sides reviewed issues related to manpower, including matters related to domestic servants, engineers and other Indian workers in various professions, employment of nurses, transfer of convicts in addition to cases of missing persons.

The meeting also discussed issues related to the return of stranded Indians to Kuwait. The two sides agreed to quickly implement the memorandum of understanding and sign a cooperation agreement in the field of recruiting domestic workers.

The last meeting of the joint working group was held in 2018.


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