Kuwait Airways announces the return of its flights to 11 new destinations

Kuwait Airways announced the re-operation of its scheduled commercial flights to 11 new destinations in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, starting today. One flight per week for each one, and it also restarted two destinations to Pakistan, namely Lahore with one flight per week, and Islamabad with two flights per week, and also restarted the Colombo destination in Sri Lanka with one flight per week, in addition to restarting the Dhaka destination in Bangladesh with 5 trips per week. Follow us on telegram to know the latest news in Kuwait https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

In this regard, the Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, Fayez Al-Enezi, said that the restart of 11 destinations comes within the framework of gradually returning to normal commercial operation with destinations that the company was operating for previously after stopping operation due to the pandemic of the emerging Corona virus (Covid 19), as India and Pakistan are counting Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are among the most important destinations that Kuwait Airways focuses on due to the high demand for it by travelers of all segments, whether for education, business, tourism, domestic labor or other reasons.

It is worth noting that Kuwait Airways has launched a number of permanent and summer destinations, starting from mid-June, until now, which are London, Sarajevo, Paris, Geneva, Munich, Frankfurt, Trabzon, Bodrum, Tbilisi, Malaga and Cairo

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