Manpower: Intensifying oversight of domestic labor recruitment offices

The inspection teams of the Domestic Labor Recruitment Department at the Public Authority for Manpower carried out a series of inspection campaigns on the offices and agencies of recruiting domestic workers in different regions of the country, after complaints were received that some of them did not comply with the price set by the Ministry of Commerce, which is set at 890 dinars.

Informed sources told that the total number of violations that were monitored on the offices amounted to 25 violations during the past three months, while legal and regulatory measures were taken against violators.

The sources pointed out that the reasons for violating these offices are due to the violation of prices, and the collection of sums of money that exceeded 890 dinars for the arrival of domestic workers, whether from the Philippines or India.

They stressed that some offices resort to raising the price of recruiting female workers, due to the high rates of commissions in the countries of domestic workers and the travel and quarantine procedures, but all of these procedures are considered a clear violation of the regulations and laws followed inside the country.

And the sources continued: “The teams recorded 29 complaints by employers against the offices of domestic workers for various reasons, in addition to suspending the licenses of 3 offices for not responding to the Department of Domestic Labor regarding the review of its investigators, and placing 7 posters on violating shops until their situation is corrected.

August report

Regarding the administration’s work report last August, the “Manpower” revealed the suspension and cancellation of 5 licenses for recruitment offices of domestic workers, including 3 cancellation cases at the request of office owners, in addition to recording violations against offices and companies.

The authority said that it recorded 179 complaints during the month of August, including 22 complaints from an employer against an office or company, 94 from a worker against business owners, and 63 from an employer against a worker.

She added, “62 complaints in the domestic labor sector were referred to the judiciary, along with 43 other complaints related to leaving work, in addition to resolving 139 complaints amicably between the parties, handing over 45 travel documents to labor based on complaints of seizure with employers, and collecting 11,040 dinars in favor of owners. Work and 3111 dinars for the workers. :إقرأ المزيد


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