Labor shortage delays construction projects in Kuwait

Despite the start of normal life returning to the situation that prevailed before the “Corona” crisis, the projects and construction sectors in various ministries and state bodies are still suffering from the delay in companies starting to implement government projects, due to the inability to obtain visas for the labor required to implement the work related to those projects. .

Informed sources confirmed to Al-Rai that there are government agencies that signed contracts with several companies to implement many projects, but so far these companies have not been able to start implementing these projects, due to the lack of labor that is on their sponsorship, noting that most of the companies submitted requests to a committee. Corona emergency in the numbers required to be brought to Kuwait to start implementing its projects.

The sources indicated that government agencies cannot, in light of these conditions, impose any delay fines on companies, due to circumstances beyond the control of those companies, expressing their hope to speed up the decision on companies’ requests to implement state development projects, or to return this file to the Public Authority for Manpower, as long as the Health indicators began to witness a good and steady improvement in recent week



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