Increasing the airport’s capacity for more than 10,000 passengers is under study

The Director of Operations at the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Mansour Al-Hashemi, revealed that “Civil Aviation”, in coordination with the Council of Ministers, is studying increasing the operational capacity of Kuwait Airport to more than 10,000 passengers per day, after evaluating the current health situation.

Al-Hashemi said, in a statement to Al-Jarida, yesterday, that the past days witnessed raising the capacity at the airport to 10 thousand passengers, and re-evaluating it according to the current health and according to the procedures required by the Council of Ministers, pointing to the resumption of flights to two of the prohibited countries, after Cabinet decision on restarting commercial flights in 6 banned countries.

He added that “Civil Aviation” rescheduled the flights according to the required approvals, so that yesterday we received 8 flights from Egypt and 5 flights from India from different airports and regions and multiple airlines.

He stressed that receiving the flights came in accordance with the health procedures stemming from the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, noting that companies are directed to receive the vaccinated with the doses approved by the Ministry of Health, and to register with electronic applications that facilitate access procedures such as “Mosafer” and “Shlonk”.

Al-Hashemi stated that the violator bears full legal responsibility, with bearing the costs of returning him to the country from which he came, noting that the human elements and cadres in the Operations Department of civil aviation monitor flights with the competent authorities, to ensure that they implement all requirements and adhere to the instructions received, adding that there is communication and coordination with companies. business for any developments.

He stressed the passengers the need to adhere to the procedures referred to by the health authorities, foremost of which is raising the types of doses via electronic platforms, and following the terms, conditions and circulars issued by the Kuwaiti authorities.

In addition, the General Administration of Civil Aviation stated that the number of scheduled flights coming from India yesterday amounted to 5, after canceling one of the flights that was scheduled to arrive in the morning.«Civil Aviation»: Measures against the leakage of passenger data

Yesterday, the General Administration of Civil Aviation affirmed its keenness to keep the data of all passengers and passengers at Kuwait International Airport confidential, and that “in any way, this information will not be accepted.”

In a press statement, in response to the complaints of some travelers regarding the circulation of their data to laboratories and health centers, the administration announced that it is fully prepared to receive complaints from those who received phone calls in this regard via the WhatsApp service on the number 22200161, to take the necessary legal measures against anyone who is proven to facilitate the task of circulating this data

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