An expatriate was arrested with 8,000 narcotic pills

The Criminal Security Sector of the Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Administration of Narcotics Control, managed to arrest an Asian national in possession of 8,000 narcotic pills he brought from his homeland.

In the details that a security source told Al-Jarida, a security source said that confidential information had reached the General Department for Drug Control – the Local Control Department, stating that an Asian national was working to bring psychoactive methadone tablets to the country with the intention of trafficking, and in light of this information, investigations were intensified. The accused was placed under surveillance.

The source added that after verifying the accuracy of the information and taking legal measures, the accused was arrested in the Al-Raqi area, and about 8,000 tablets of psychotropic substances were found in his possession. Inside the coal to be brought into the country.

He stated that the detectives referred the accused and the seized items, in his possession, to the competent authority, to take the necessary measures against him, noting that the General Administration for Drug Control is continuing its security campaigns, to apprehend anyone who tempted himself to promote and smuggle narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and to bring him to justice, to protect Society and protect it from such dangerous pests.


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