Kuwait:63 complaints registered against domestic workers in August

Satistics of the Department of Regulating the Recruitment of Domestic Workers in the Public Authority for Manpower revealed that the number of domestic workers registered in the Ministry of Interior until the end of last August amounted to 636,525 thousand male and female workers.

The figures revealed that the total of the actual registered domestic labor recruitment offices amounted to 420 offices, 75 practice licenses were renewed and one license was suspended, while one poster was placed on a violating office.

The complaints registered in the August statistic included 63 complaints from an employer against a worker, 139 complaints that were resolved amicably between the parties, 43 complaints about leaving work referred to the judiciary, and 45 complaints about a passport that was handed over to the worker.

It included 22 complaints from an employer against an office and company, 94 complaints from a worker against an employer, and 62 complaints referred to the judiciary.

The number of amounts collected in favor of employers amounted to 11 thousand and 40 dinars, while the amounts collected in favor of workers amounted to 3 thousand and 111 dinars.



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