Tightening screening procedures for arrivals

The monitoring of the infection of a citizen coming from Turkey with the “Delta” mutator has raised the state of alertness among the health authorities, from the point of view of tightening the procedures for examining arrivals to prevent the infiltration of any mutations of the Corona virus into the country.
According to the head of the advisory committee to confront Corona, Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah, “The positive case of the virus was detected in the traveler coming from one of the countries with active infection in the delta, after the verification examination on arrival – PCR – in Kuwait, and the application of preventive isolation as is done in such cases.”

Al-Jarallah stressed the importance of examining those coming to the country, indicating that the leakage of a positive case in the delta is enough to spread it, especially with the stage of opening and the return of schools, pointing out that preventive vigilance is imperative to recover from the pandemic, indicating that monitoring a positive case is not surprising, but rather emphasizes the importance of keeping the examination of arrivals, In order to continue the decline of the epidemiological situation.

In the context, health officials confirmed that the health authorities are monitoring the developments of Corona and its new variants in most countries of the world, on a daily basis.

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