Returning to Kuwait is 6 times more expensive than leaving

Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that With the resumption of direct commercial flight between Kuwait and Egypt today after agreeing on the numbers of passengers and flights, ticket prices recorded record increases, especially for those wishing to return to Kuwait, and the price of a return ticket from most destinations has become 6 times higher than the price of the departure ticket.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Travel and Tourism Offices, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, told that the increase in ticket prices in this way is normal in light of the current data of movement at the airport, attributing the matter to 4 main factors, namely: restricting the operational capacity of arrivals, and opening the operational capacity of departures. , supply and demand rates, and season return from holidays.

According to the latest indicators, the price of a ticket to leave from Kuwait to Egypt starts from 58 dinars, while the return price is about 550 dinars.

For his part, Director of the Air Transport Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Abdullah Al-Rajhi, said that 9 Kuwait and Egypt air carriers will operate the route between the two countries, according to the number of seats that have been identified between them, which is in line with the Cabinet’s recent decision to increase the capacity at Kuwait Airport. International.”

He pointed out that the administration is still waiting for the approval of the competent Indian authorities to start flights from India to Kuwait International Airport, which is expected to be this week as well.

4 factors for growth

1 – Restriction of operating capacity for arrivals

2 – Opening of operating capacity for departures

3 – Rates of supply and demand

4 – Return season from holidays


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