Kuwait:Visit visas opening soon

Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that After a hiatus of more than a year and a half, the Ministry of the Interior is heading to reopen entry visas for expatriates wishing to visit the country, as it will be allowed to grant visitor visas of all kinds (family, commercial and tourist), according to specific controls and conditions after the approval of the Council of Ministers in this regard, while a security source expected Implementation will begin in October.

This comes in light of the continued openness, with the start of direct flights with various countries, the increase in the capacity of Kuwait Airport, and other procedures and steps to return to normal life with the decline in epidemiological indicators of the Corona pandemic.

A security source revealed that “there are correspondences between the Ministry of Interior and the Council of Ministers regarding allowing the opening of entry visas that have been suspended since the beginning of last year due to the Corona pandemic crisis,” noting that “commercial and family entry visas are currently being issued, only through The Supreme Committee for Corona Emergency in the Council of Ministers, according to specific controls and conditions.

He explained that “the majority of the requests that are allowed relate to medical cadres and some professions required by the labor market, such as legal advisors, engineers, technicians and teachers, while other cases are subject to study and evaluation.”

According to the source, “from a humanitarian standpoint, visitor visas are granted to children and spouses, taking into account the circumstances of the reunification of some families residing in the country, but in very limited numbers, after the approval of the Emergency Committee.”



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