The launch of the government application Sahel next week

His Highness Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Prime Minister, announced the launch of the unified government application “Sahel” to enhance the efficiency and speed of completing transactions next week, which will be the first digital transformation of the government and at the same time a test and challenge for leaders.

His Highness said in a speech during a meeting held in the presence of state leaders under the title “Kuwait after the pandemic” today, Thursday, “Two things I will not accept are the return to paper transactions and the issuance of the application without achieving the desired goals, and they must be taken into account.”

His Highness the Prime Minister stressed that the responsibility rests with the leaders in any matter related to negligence or obstruction in the matters entrusted to them regarding the application of “easy” by their affiliated and bodiesas it will be evaluated on the basis of achievement.

His Highness said that “an easy application in its first phase will reduce the burden on citizens and residents in transactions alongside the employees, and everyone will take their right without putting one person over another, in addition to easing traffic congestion and will have a positive environmental impact.”

And he said, “The big challenge before us is to launch an easy application, and we have days to launch the application, and our task in the government team is to challenge the time to launch it.”

His Highness explained that the government has made great strides in digital transformation during the Corona pandemic, “The delayed parties compensated for the delay in the speed of their procedures, the parties that were in deep slumber began to deal with the situation in a different way, and the parties that made strides before the pandemic increased their achievement.”

He added, “You, as leaders, are part of the government team that participated in developing solutions for citizens and residents in facilitating their work and procedures, and you saw how our young men and women competed in providing creative innovations to deal with the health situation.”



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