Corona infections in August, the lowest in 9 months

While the Ministry of Health continues its efforts within the anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign, to reach comprehensive community immunity as soon as possible, the Ministry has been working for some time to address any comments received by health teams working in vaccination centers in separate locations, to overcome obstacles for citizens and residents wishing to Get both doses of the vaccine without any problems.

The most prominent observations recently received by the Ministry relate to the distance of the vaccination center from the residence of the citizen or resident who will receive the vaccine, noting that the majority of appointments are determined in the required form automatically, such as the date of the dose and the location of receiving it.

According to the information, the Ministry of Health is working to address this observation by the competent technical bodies, to ensure that the dose dates are not missed for any reason, and to facilitate the reviewers and increase the rates of vaccinations in general, especially with the approaching start of the new school year, and to continue to vaccinate the age group between 12 And 15 years old.

reassuring numbers

The figures indicate the success of the vaccination campaign in achieving its goals so far, especially with regard to reducing the risks of severe symptoms of disease and deaths, and the low rates of clinical occupancy in wards and intensive care, while doctors stress the importance of giving the third booster dose to some groups during the coming period.

Health officials confirm the continuation of the efforts made in the Covid 19 vaccination centers, especially those designated for migrant workers, noting that the Wafra Vaccination Center has succeeded since its inauguration on August 19 and until the 30th of it, in vaccinating more than 17 thousand expatriates, despite some challenges, such as the large number of visitors to the center During frequent periods and high weather temperatures, they indicated that it includes 14 clinics and two waiting rooms with a capacity of 180 people, as well as an observation room and an emergency room, a central pharmacy, an ambulance and medical emergency point.

Positive indicators

With regard to indicators of the epidemiological situation in the country, last August’s numbers tended to record the lowest infections in many months of the pandemic’s life, as it recorded during 31 days 11322 infections and 91 deaths, compared to 38,587 infections and 335 deaths during the month of July, and 46186 infections and 194 deaths in June, And 33,952 infections and 203 deaths during May, compared to 40,470 infections and 244 deaths in April. In March, it recorded 40,072 infections and 228 deaths, compared to 25,009 infections and 124 deaths in February, and 14,388 infections and 23 deaths in January 2021.

Referring to the Covid-19 infection rates recorded during the past year, it is found that 7,592 infections were recorded in December, and 16,709 infections during November, compared to 23,019 infections in May, 19,152 in June, 20,762 in July, 18,152 in August, 20073 in September, and 20,744 in October. from last year.

Accordingly, last August is considered the lowest in infections since December, especially after the general indicators of the epidemic increased from May 2020 to the current stage.



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