Children rejoice at the return of recreational activities after over a year

Amid the children’s joy and the joy of parents at seeing their overwhelming happiness, the entertainment and electronic games halls and nurseries received, yesterday, the children on the first day of implementing the decision to return to their activities.

The halls witnessed great crowding, high organization and adherence to health requirements since the early morning as soon as they opened their doors, as non-vaccinated parents were not allowed to enter, with care to wear masks and continuous sterilization after using each game, and workers in the halls were keen to quickly clean electronic game devices. After each play session in preparation for receiving a new group of children.

For their part, the parents expressed their happiness with the reopening of the entertainment centers, stressing in separate statements that recovery has returned again to the lives of children who have endured the pressures and restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic for a year and a half.

They said that the decision would have been better to come early, but his return in light of the high preparations that were seen inside the halls was appropriate, noting that many of them accompanied their children during the games, hoping not to close the children’s entertainment centers as it makes families breathe again.

In the context of implementing the decision to return to recreational activities and to allow the return of entertainment and games centers to work, government agencies, led by the Kuwait Municipality, intensified their field tours to complexes and children’s play stores to ensure the readiness and preparations of children’s centers and to take precautionary and preventive measures and measures by placing heat-checking devices, maintaining distance and wearing clothes. Masks, as well as providing places designated for families, and maintaining safe distances in order to ensure the health and safety of visitors to those places, according to the directives of the Ministerial Committee for Health Requirements Monitoring the return of activities headed by the Director General of the Municipality M. Ahmed Al-Manfouhi.


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