100 KD Minimum Salary for Indian domestic workers

The head of the Federation of Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices Khaled Al-Dakhnan announced that the new agreement between Kuwait and India regarding domestic workers has entered into force, explaining that it includes setting a minimum salary ceiling, so that it is not less than 110 dinars for the worker, and 100 for the worker per month.

Al-Dakhnan told Al-Jarida that the agreement stipulated opening a bank account for the male or female worker to transfer the monthly wages through it, revealing the difficulty of providing the labor market requirements of these Indian workers after activating this agreement.

He explained that the conditions included in the agreement will reduce the demands of Indian labor by 80%, especially after specifying a certain age to bring in the worker between 30 and 55 years.

Regarding the prices of recruitment from offices, Al-Dakhnan said that they are determined according to what the Ministry of Commerce has set, and will not exceed 890 dinars for Indian workers, which will make many offices take the higher ceiling in order to pay recruitment costs after opening direct flights in the coming days.

And regarding the existence of new agreements to support the market, he explained that the federation is following the latest developments on the Ethiopian labor agreement and seeks to move it two years after its suspension without moving forward on it, adding that the agreements guarantee providing the labor market with multiple options, especially since Kuwait still has a single agreement with the Philippines, which keeps Constantly increasing prices.


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